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HECM 101

New to the HECM reverse mortgage? No problem! The articles linked below cover the basics, common myths and misconceptions, the history of the reverse mortgage, common terms, and case studies based on real-world scenarios.

HECM Reverse Mortgage 101

You may have heard or seen the acronym in commercials or online, but what is a “HECM” reverse mortgage exactly? How does it work? We’ll get you up to speed here.

Mystified by a reverse mortgage? We’ll cover how a HECM reverse mortgage really works. This is the stuff that most lenders probably won’t bother explaining to you.

The reverse mortgage is one of the most misunderstood mortgage products out there. We’ll address the most common myths and misconceptions that you’ve probably heard.

The reverse mortgage has been around longer than you may realize. Learn the history of the reverse mortgage and how it has evolved into the program we know today.

The reverse mortgage comes with a vocabulary all it’s own. Learn the most common reverse mortgage terms and meanings using our reverse mortgage glossary.

The HECM reverse mortgage can have a big positive impact on your financial well being in retirement. Learn how with these case studies based on real-world scenarios.

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