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MyHECM.com is a leading online resource for seniors, their families, and their advisors to learn about the HECM reverse mortgage.

MyHECM.com was established in 2016 by Mike Roberts, a published author and reverse mortgage industry veteran with over a decade of mortgage lending experience.

Today, we’re one of the largest reverse mortgage websites online. Tens of thousands of seniors and financial professionals visit us every month to get detailed and up-to-date information about reverse mortgages.

We also feature 13 (and counting) proprietary reverse mortgage and financial calculators to help our readers make better financial decisions.

A Trusted Resource

Our content is expert, objective, and trusted – and written by humans, not AI. We’ve been cited and featured by numerous reputable media organizations.

Mike Roberts, the founder of MyHECM.com, was interviewed for the December 2019 RealtyTrac Housing News Report.

We’ve also been cited or featured by Bankrate, Yahoo!, The Mortgage Reports, The Street, Forbes, The Balance, and others.

Mike Roberts, the founder of MyHECM.com, was interviewed for the December 2019 RealtyTrac Housing News Report.
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Our Mission

There is a ton of misinformation out there about reverse mortgages. You may have heard things like “reverse mortgages are only for desperate people” or “the bank takes your house”.

Unfortunately, such myths scare seniors away from the many benefits offered by a HECM reverse mortgage.

Mike Roberts launched MyHECM.com to help fill a need online for up-to-date and unbiased information about the HECM reverse mortgage.

The people in the industry who know the most about the HECM typically don’t write about it online. The industry professionals who do write about it are usually just marketing people who don’t really understand the product because they don’t work with it every day.

Roberts is a writer and a veteran of the reverse mortgage industry who enjoys equipping seniors and their families with the information they need to decide if a reverse mortgage is right for them.

This website is unaffiliated with any lender and the information provided herein is intended to be as impartial as possible. A reverse mortgage isn’t the ideal option for everybody, so the goal of this website is to provide as complete and unbiased a picture of the HECM reverse mortgage program as possible.

Our hope is that the information we provide helps you to make a better decision about whether a reverse mortgage is right for you.

Proprietary Calculators

MyHECM.com offers some of the best HECM reverse mortgage calculators available online.

Our sophisticated and proprietary calculators are free and easy to use and require no contact information. You can quickly and easily calculate a variety of payout options for both HECM purchase and “refinance” loans. Feel free to check out our HECM calculators here.

We also have several other calculators, including a mortgage recast calculator, biweekly mortgage calculator, reverse amortization calculator, and others.

The Reverse Mortgage Revealed

The Reverse Mortgage Revealed

Roberts is the author of The Reverse Mortgage Revealed: An Industry Insider’s Guide to the Reverse Mortgage.

Roberts’ goal with the book is to cut through all the nonsense, rumors, and hype you may have heard about reverse mortgages.

There are no sales pitches here! Just the inside scoop about how a reverse mortgage really works.

The Reverse Mortgage Revealed is jam-packed with information and insights that only an experienced industry professional can offer. You’ll discover:

  • How a reverse mortgage really works.
  • Who should (and shouldn’t) get a reverse mortgage.
  • Common myths and misconceptions.
  • Little-known insider tips and tricks the lenders don’t tell you (and you probably won’t learn anywhere else).
  • How to increase your payout and reduce closing costs (this alone is worth the cost of the book).
  • What payout options are available and how they work.
  • What pitfalls to avoid.
  • Why some applicants get approved and some don’t.
  • How to finance a home purchase without a mortgage payment (yes, this is for real!).
  • What to expect during the application, approval, and closing process.

Also included are detailed case studies based on real-life scenarios that tie key concepts and terms together. You’ll see for yourself how a reverse mortgage can be used to live a more enjoyable and financially secure retirement.

The Reverse Mortgage Revealed is available on Amazon. Grab your copy now!

About Mike Roberts

I have over a decade of mortgage lending experience and have helped hundreds of seniors decide if a reverse mortgage is the right solution.

When I’m not working or writing, I’m spending time with my lovely wife and three beautiful children. I also enjoy skiing, camping, hiking, traveling, or reading a good book with a hot cup of coffee or a cool brown ale.

I hope you find the resources on this site helpful as you investigate the reverse mortgage. If I can answer any questions, feel free to email me. My email address can be found on the contact page.

You can also find me on Twitter/X and Amazon.

Have a great day!

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Mike Roberts