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This LTV calculator quickly and easily calculates loan-to-value (LTV). Select the values below, then click the 'Calculate' button.

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How To Use Our LTV Calculator

Our quick and easy LTV calculator is free to use and computes loan-to-value (LTV) in just two simple steps. Simply select the property value, mortgage amount, then click the “Calculate” button to continue.

Step 1 – Select the Property Value and Mortgage Amount

To calculate loan-to-value, simply select the property value to the nearest $1,000 and mortgage amount to the nearest $100 using the sliders on the first page of the loan to value LTV calculator.

Once you’ve selected the values, click the “Calculate” button to continue.

Step 2 – Calculation Results

When the second page loads, you’ll see the results of the calculation. The LTV calculator will display the property value and mortgage amounts you selected on page one along with the loan-to-value.

As you can see, loan-to-value is basically the portion of the value of your home that you’re borrowing with the mortgage.

If you’d like to read more about how loan-to-value works, check out our more in-depth article on the subject here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate your LTV?

The calculation is pretty simple. You can either use an LTV calculator (such as what we have on this webpage) or you can figure it out on your own by simply dividing your mortgage amount by the property value, then multiplying by 100. For example, if you owe $250,000 and your home is worth $500,000, the calculation would work as follows: ( $250,000 / $500,000 ) * 100 = 50% LTV.

What does 125% LTV mean?

This means the mortgage amount equals 125% of the value of the home.