A Major Site Upgrade With Fantastic New Features Coming on March 15, 2022

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I am very pleased to announce an enhanced MyHECM.com that will offer new features to help connect seniors, their advisors, and their families with the resources they need to help them achieve their financial goals.

We may be a little biased :), but we think MyHECM.com is already the best informational resource online about the HECM reverse mortgage. Our mission has been pretty simple thus far: provide great online HECM reverse mortgage information and resources. MyHECM.com will soon have an enhanced mission that will consist of two parts: 1) help seniors get great information about the HECM and other relevant financial products and services, and 2), help professionals grow their businesses by connecting them with potential clients who need the information and services they offer. In short, our mission is to help seniors connect with the information and professionals they need to help them improve their retirement lifestyle and financial security.

Here are some of the exciting new updates that we’ll soon be rolling out:

  • Nationwide business directory – Our goal is to make it much easier for seniors to find fantastic professionals who can help them achieve their financial goals. The business directory will initially cater to reverse mortgage lenders and counselors, but will likely be expanded in the near future to include financial advisors, insurance agents, and other relevant business professionals. When you create a business listing, you’ll be able to publish your business name, tagline, address, phone number, fax number, website URL, social media URLs, and an HTML-friendly description. You’ll also be able to upload images, embed videos, specify the states in which you do business, specify the products/services you offer, and collect reviews – which can massively enhance the profile and appeal of your business to potential clients.
  • Blogging – There is almost no better way to show off your knowledge and expertise to potential customers online than through blogging. The new platform will offer professionals the ability to publish their own blog posts, which will appear on their profiles and the business listings they create. Great blog posts may also get published on the main blog and be included in our periodic email blasts. This is can be a really powerful way to get your business and expertise in front of potential clients!
  • Forums – The forums, or “Q&A”, have been a part of MyHECM.com for a while now, but they will now integrate more closely with business listings and user profiles so that professionals can interact with potential customers and one another. The design, which is similar to Quora.com, will give users the ability to post questions and have them answered by industry professionals. The conversations that take place within forums provide valuable knowledge and insights to seniors and help generate more exposure for professionals and their businesses.
  • Listing ads – Our new business listing ads offer a fantastic way for professionals to get added exposure for their business. If you’re a professional with a small business, it can be really hard to build traffic to your website. Our new listing ads enable you to take advantage of our growing traffic! For a modest monthly fee, business owners can have their business listings deployed as location-targeted ads on pages and in sidebars all over the website.
  • Enhanced user profiles – Our new enhanced user profiles will include a timeline (similar to Facebook), information about your business listings, forum topics and discussions you’re participating in, favorite businesses, blog posts you publish, basic analytics for your listing ads, and more!

We’re also planning some additional enhancements in the future that should be very helpful to our valued audience. We’ll release more information about those updates when the time comes.

As always, we are grateful for your readership! We hope these new updates provide value for you, whether you’re investigating a reverse mortgage for yourself or you’re a professional helping seniors live a more financially secure retirement. The new update will go live on 3/15/2022. See you then!

New edition of The Reverse Mortgage Revealed released on Amazon

In case you missed it – I’m pleased to announce that a new updated and enhanced edition of The Reverse Mortgage Revealed has been released on Amazon for 2022. I think this is the best edition yet! If you haven’t grabbed a copy, do so today (and please leave a review!). In this book you’ll discover:

  • How a reverse mortgage really works.
  • Who should (and shouldn’t) get a reverse mortgage.
  • Common myths and misconceptions.
  • Little-known insider tips and tricks the lenders don’t tell you (and you probably won’t learn anywhere else).
  • How to increase your payout and reduce closing costs (this alone is worth the cost of the book).
  • What payout options are available and how they work.
  • What pitfalls to avoid.
  • Why some applicants get approved and some don’t.
  • How to finance a home purchase without a mortgage payment (yes, this is for real!).
  • What to expect during the application, approval, and closing process.

This book also includes detailed case studies based on real-life scenarios that tie key concepts and terms together. You’ll see for yourself how a reverse mortgage can be used to live a more enjoyable and financially secure retirement. Grab your copy now!

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