Ezoic vs Adsense: Which One Pays Better? Here’s Our Real-World Results

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We compared Ezoic vs Adsense on our website and the results were conclusive and indisputable. We increased our ad revenue by over 300% with Ezoic in just the first month. Yes, you read that right. We’re confident revenue will increase even further as Ezoic’s system continues to learn and we continue to optimize the site.

Are our results typical? We have no idea. Ezoic claims to increase revenue by an average of 100% to 200%. They exceeded that by a wide margin on our website, so the claim is certainly justified. Based on our experience, we think Ezoic could significantly increase advertising revenue on your website as well.

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is a sophisticated and automated ad network and ad manager combined into one platform. Ezoic uses artificial intelligence to optimize ad placements on the fly based on how users interact with your site. The goal is to maximize revenue while providing a good experience for your users.

If you have an existing Adsense account, Ezoic will manage and optimize your Adsense ads for you. No longer will you have to deal with the hassle of managing and testing ad placements on your own.

Even better, Ezoic offers it’s own ad network that competes with Google Adsense. That means you have two ad networks competing for your website’s ad space, which increases ad revenue even more.

Ezoic vs Adsense: It’s Not Even a Contest

Google has been dominant for so long in online advertising that it’s hard to imagine anybody could outclass them, but Ezoic clearly has. Adsense also has an AI-managed ad system called Auto Ads, but it’s pathetically rudimentary in comparison. In fact, we found it be to be absolutely terrible.

Auto Ads generated a small ad revenue increase versus regular old Adsense, but it came at the expense of a lousy user experience. Auto Ads constantly inserted huge banner ads into our site’s headers that took over the entire page above the fold. The ads were intrusive and annoying and generated little to no revenue. They also made the site look terrible. Unfortunately, there was no way to disable the banners without disabling other display ad placements as well.

Auto Ads is easy to implement (it’s just one snippet of code), but it offers little control over how ads are placed on your site. It also does a poor job of balancing ad placement and user experience, in our opinion. Auto Ads generated more revenue than plain old Adsense, but not by much.

Ezoic was the clear winner in our Ezoic vs Adsense comparison test. Ezoic takes a little more work to get set up, but once it’s up and running, it essentially runs itself. You also have access to forums and tech support if you need help. We found Ezoic’s tech support to be professional and responsive.

Ezoic blew Adsense out of the water in our Ezoic vs Adsense comparison.

Ezoic offers more granular control over ad placement than Auto Ads. You can decide what types of ads you want and where you want them to display based on ad size, page location, URL, ad type, directory, platform, etc.

Once you have your ad placeholders set up, Ezoic’s AI tests thousands of ad type and location combinations and tracks multiple user experience metrics to see what generates the best balance of revenue and user engagement. Basically, Ezoic’s system automatically learns what works and what doesn’t over time.

Can you imagine trying to do this kind of split testing on your own with Adsense? Obviously, it would be a huge headache and take a lot of time. Ezoic handles all of it, which saves you time and effort and boosts your revenue faster.

We tested Ezoic for a month and saw a 300% revenue increase. We think we’ll be able to increase our revenue even further as the system continues to learn and we continue to optimize our site.

In our experience, Ezoic is far better than Adsense. In fact, it’s not even a contest; Ezoic blew Adsense out of the water in our Ezoic vs Adsense comparison.

Implementing Ezoic

Ezoic takes more work to implement than Adsense, but it’s still pretty easy. We had some hiccups along the way, but they were self-inflicted – as we’ll explain in a moment.

If you have a WordPress site, there are basically four steps:

  1. Sign up for an Ezoic account – Once you’re approved, you’ll be assigned an account manager.
  2. Install the Ezoic WordPress plugin
  3. Switch your site’s name servers to Ezoic’s name servers
  4. Set up your ad placements using Ezoic’s Chrome extension

Some people have reported that the WordPress plugin significantly slows their site, but we haven’t found that to be the case. Yes, the plugin adds overhead – as any plugin does. However, it shouldn’t slow down your site as long as your site isn’t bloated and slow to begin with.

Once you’ve set up your account and integrated your site, Ezoic’s system analyzes your site and recommends ways to improve page load speeds. Ezoic wants your site to be fast because a faster site equals higher Google rankings, a better user experience, and more ad revenue.

Optimizing for page load speeds also helps compensate for the added overhead of the Ezoic system.

Ezoic detected that we were using a bloated theme, which we already knew and were planning to address. Because of Ezoic’s recommendations, we decided to switch out the theme after the integration. Unfortunately, this is where we ran into some (self-inflicted) headaches. Because we switched out the theme after the initial integration, Ezoic’s system didn’t recognize the layout of our site anymore. It didn’t know where to place ads, which turned the site into a mess. Pages loaded slow, elements didn’t load correctly, and the mobile version of the site was almost unusable.

After several days of tweaking the system and searching for answers in the forums, we still didn’t have a resolution. We were afraid the technical issues would start impacting our Google rankings, so we gave up and reversed the integration.

Ezoic has a more advanced and sophisticated system than Adsense.

To Ezoic’s credit, they reached out to see if we would give it another chance (would Google ever do that??). We declined at first because we were tired of the tech headaches, but they were professional and persistent. Finally, we gave in and agreed to chat with a representative and a tech professional based out of their London office.

During the conversation, we reinstalled the plugin, switched back the name servers, and their tech optimized the system. After that, everything ran great! Pages loaded smoothly and looked great on both desktop and mobile.

Even better, ad revenue increased rapidly over subsequent days.

Ezoic has a more advanced and sophisticated system than Adsense, so it takes a little more work to get it set up and optimized. However, we think it’s well worth the effort. Once you have the plugin installed (assuming you’re running WordPress) and the name servers switched over, we recommend reaching out to your account manager to optimize your site’s settings. Once the settings are optimized and the integration is up and running, you can focus more on learning and tweaking to squeeze more performance out of the system.

Oh, and learn from our experience: don’t make any major changes to your site’s layout without first talking to your account manager :).

Ready to Increase Your Ad Revenue?

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