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The reverse mortgage industry is a great place to be. As a reverse mortgage professional, you have a great product to offer that changes lives. However, generating reverse mortgage leads is not always easy – especially if you’re new to the business. 

MyHECM.com is a leading and growing online resource to help seniors connect with fantastic reverse mortgage professionals. The founder of MyHECM.com is a published author and experienced mortgage professional who has helped hundreds of seniors get reverse mortgages.

We know how tough it is to build a successful business in this highly competitive space. We know how tough it is to find prospects who need your services. That’s a big reason why we created this site.

You could buy reverse mortgage leads, but . . .

Really good reverse mortgage leads are expensive.

Really good reverse mortgage leads are expensive. The big reverse mortgage lenders often spend $300 to $500 per lead.  Obviously, most independent reverse mortgage professionals can’t spend that kind of money – especially if they’re new to the business.

There are cheaper leads out there, but you get what you pay for. You could spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on reverse mortgage internet leads only to discover that they’re months old and have already been called by multiple lenders.

Yes, you may find the occasional diamond in the rough, but you’ll have to do a lot of digging. Folks, trust me, that’s not an easy way to build your business. I’ve worked those leads and I hate them, to be frank.

There has to be a better way, right?

Need reverse mortgage leads? We can help!

It’s essential to build your own brand if you want long-term success in this business. When you have your own brand, your customers find you. You’re already credible. You’re already recognized as an expert. Prospects want to work with you.

When you have your own brand, the lead spigot doesn’t turn off when a lead vendor goes out of business or you stop blowing gobs of cash on leads.

Establishing a brand usually starts by creating your own website. The problem, however, is getting traffic to that website. You have to be on the first page of the Google search results or your prospects won’t even know you exist. Trust me, it’s tough to get on the first page in a highly competitive online environment.

Fortunately, there’s a way to leap ahead of the competition: you can leverage the traffic and rankings of an already established website

If you want more reverse mortgage leads, you need to be on our site.

With tens of thousands of hyper-targeted page views per month, MyHECM.com is not a resource to ignore. If you want more reverse mortgage leads, you need to be on our site.

When you establish your brand on our website, you’re instantly in front of potential prospects. You’re instantly leveraging the rankings and traffic of an established and respected site to help grow your brand. Everything you do on our site can help enhance and build on your other marketing efforts, whether it’s word-of-mouth, mailers, website, email, social media, etc.

Getting in front of our audience is easy

Getting in front of our audience is a piece of a cake. The following are our recommendations to get your brand established at MyHECM.com:

  1. Complete a user profile. To sign up for a basic user account, simply click the “Sign Up” button at the top right of any page on our site.
  2. Complete a business listing. Once you’ve completed your basic user profile, search for your business in our directory. If it’s already in the directory, you can claim it and update it as needed. If it’s not there, add your business listing to our directory for free.
  3. Write blog articles regularly on your profile. Blogging is a great way to show off your expertise and help search engines find you. You’re also helping this site attract traffic, which creates more exposure for your business. You don’t need to write articles every day, but we recommend writing at least a few solid articles per month on your MyHECM.com user profile. Really great articles could even be published on the main blog and sent in our email blasts. Folks, this is gold!  Our email list is 100% opt-in, highly targeted, and a great channel for connecting with potential clients.
  4. Add the reviews widget to your website. If you have tons of great reviews on our site, you’ll want to show that off on your own website. The embeddable code can be found near the top of your business listing page.
  5. Cultivate reviews. Cultivating reviews is a great way to increase your professional credibility and visibility. Business listings with reviews really stand out on our site. Ask your clients to write reviews on your MyHECM.com business listing.

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Our goal is to help you grow your business! Leverage our platform to help get your business off the ground. Add your business listing now.

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