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Download The Reverse Mortgage Revealed for FREE June 8-11 on the Amazon Kindle or Kindle app. A paperback version is available as well. I hugely value your feedback, so please leave an honest review on Amazon. Once you’ve left a review, please email me at [email protected] and I’ll send you three more case studies for free. Thank you!

It’s taken a lot of work (and more time than anticipated), but The Reverse Mortgage Revealed is complete and available on Amazon as a paperback or FREE download for the Kindle or Kindle app (June 8-11 only). Woohoo!

I want to offer a sincere and heartfelt thank you to the various people who provided feedback, proofing, and support for this project. You know who you are!

I wrote The Reverse Mortgage Revealed because I felt like there wasn’t a lot straightforward and detailed information about reverse mortgages available to seniors. Yes, there are other reverse mortgage books available. Some are good, but many are dated, lack detail, or are poorly written. The well-written books are often authored by academics who don’t do reverse mortgages themselves. There is nothing wrong with such books, but I wanted to offer something more practical and real-world. I’ve helped hundreds of seniors get reverse mortgages, so my hope is that the book reads like I’m sitting across the kitchen table explaining the ins and outs of reverse mortgages.

You’ll find that there is a wealth of information in The Reverse Mortgage Revealed. With my experience as a writer and reverse mortgage professional, I believe I’m able to offer insights and expertise you won’t find anywhere else. In the book you’ll discover:

  • How a reverse mortgage really works.
  • Who should (and shouldn’t) get a reverse mortgage.
  • Common myths and misconceptions.
  • Little-known insider tips and tricks the lenders don’t tell you (and you probably won’t learn anywhere else).
  • How to increase your payout and reduce closing costs.
  • What payout options are available and how they work.
  • What pitfalls to avoid.
  • Why some applicants get approved and some don’t.
  • How to finance a home purchase without a mortgage payment (yes, this is for real!).
  • What to expect during the application, approval, and closing process.

I’ve also included detailed case studies based on real-life scenarios that tie key concepts and terms together. You’ll see for yourself how a reverse mortgage can be used to live a more enjoyable and financially secure retirement.

The story of The Reverse Mortgage Revealed

The Reverse Mortgage Revealed started as a relatively short ebook I offered as a free download a few years ago. I had been planning to write a more substantial book about reverse mortgages at some point, but didn’t get around to the project until the end of last year. I figured since I already had the short ebook, it would be relatively easy to expand it into something more substantial. Wrong! Blame it on my perfectionism or obsession with quality, but the book took a lot longer to complete than I anticipated. This is the first book I’ve ever written, so I made plenty of newbie mistakes that made things take longer as well.

The publishing resources available today are truly amazing. If you’ve ever thought of writing and self-publishing a book, this is a fantastic time to do it because of all the resources available. I’d like to first offer a hat tip to, which made it super easy to generate a professional-looking book cover. It took a few iterations (and plenty of input from my wife) to get to the final design, but made the design process so easy. You don’t need to be a graphic designer (or hire one for big bucks) to create a great book cover.

I’d also like to hat tip for the fantastic resource they provide. My first manuscript was written using WordPress, then Google Docs (so it would be accessible at home or via iPhone away from home). I discovered that Google Docs doesn’t work well for larger documents, so I ended up switching to the venerable old Microsoft Word. By that time, the manuscript was mostly complete and I just needed to format it into book form. I found a nice print-ready template online for Word, but discovered that it didn’t easily format for electronic distribution as an .epub or .mobi file used by e-readers like Kindle, Nook, iBooks, etc. Luckily, I discovered, which made life so much easier! handles all the typesetting and enables you to easily export the final product as a print-ready .pdf or an .epub or .mobi file ready for distribution online at sites like Amazon. is an absolutely phenomenal tool and I would highly recommend it to any author.

Did you know that Amazon prints paperback books on demand? Me either – at least not until I wrote The Reverse Mortgage Revealed. No longer do you need to work with a huge (and expensive) publishing house and pre-print a large quantity of physical books that you hope will sell. Amazon has taken the risk out of publishing a paperback book. You simply upload your manuscript and cover graphic, complete some basic information, and Amazon will print and distribute your paperback book on demand when a customer orders it. Amazing!

So why am I going into all this? Well, first of all, I’m a tech geek at heart and have an appreciation for amazing technology. Second, there are plenty of you reading this who have tremendous value, wisdom, and expertise to offer others. Have you ever considered pouring all that knowledge and experience into a book so others can learn from your experience? There is no better time than now! There are numerous fantastic tools available that take the risk out of self-publishing. Dad, if you’re reading this, consider this encouragement to finally publish that collection of devotionals like you’ve talked about for years :).

By the way, if anybody reading this ends up writing a book, I’d love to know about it!

Please leave reviews

I hugely value your feedback, so please leave an honest review on Amazon. If you leave a review (and I hope you do), please email me at [email protected] and let me know. As a thank you, I’ll email three additional case studies to you.

Have a great week!

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