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There is a ton of misinformation out there about reverse mortgages. You may have heard things like “reverse mortgages are only for desperate people” or “the bank takes your house”. Unfortunately, such myths scare some seniors away from the many benefits offered by a HECM reverse mortgage.

I launched this website to help fill a need online for solid, detailed, and unbiased information about the HECM reverse mortgage. The people in the industry who know the most about the HECM reverse mortgage typically don’t blog about it online. The industry professionals who do are usually just marketing people who don’t really understand the product.

I am a both a blogger and a reverse mortgage industry professional with over a decade of mortgage experience. I actively work in the reverse mortgage industry and enjoy equipping seniors and their families with the information they need to decide if a reverse mortgage is right for them.

Though I am an active industry professional, this website is unaffiliated with any lender and the information provided herein is intended to be as impartial as possible. A reverse mortgage isn’t the ideal option for everybody, so the goal of this website is to provide as complete and unbiased a picture of the HECM reverse mortgage program as possible.

My hope is that the information I’ve provided helps you make a better decision about whether a reverse mortgage is right for you.

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